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10-port Fast Ethernet switch with 8-ports PoE

1) Support least eight ports power PoE 10/100 Mbit / s and at least two uplink ports 10/100 Mbit / c

2) Standards support 802 W af and 802.3at

3) Working temperature: not less than -10 ° С to + 55 ° С

4) Support long distance PO E transmission of at least 250m

5) Support WatchDog PoE watchdog timer

6) Data transmission port x- at least 8 PoE ports with 10/100 Mbit / s Base- TX, at least 2 uplink ports with 10/100 Mbit / s Base- TX

7) Power supply not less than AC100- AC240V

8) Operating Temperature not less than O t -10 ° C to + 55 ° C (-14 F-131 ° F)

9) Humidity during operation is not less than 10% -90%

10) Power consumption Idle: not more than 1.0 W Full load: not less than 65 W PoE

11) PoE budget Port 1-8 at least <30 W, the entire budget P oE at least <65 W

12) PoE Standard IEEE802.3af, EEE802.3at

13) Purpose of contacts PoE PoE : 1, 2, 4, 5 (V +), 3, 6, 7, 8 (V-)

14) The switching capacity of at least 2.0 Gb / s with

15) Packet forwarding speed not less than 1.49 million packets per second

16) The size of the MAC table 2 K J umbo Frame is not less than 2048 bytes

17) Communication standard IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3X

18) ESD ESD protection Air discharge: at least 8 kV Contact discharge: at least 6 kV Lightning protection General mode: at least 6 kV Differential mode: at least 4 kV

19) Net weight no more than 0.76 kg (1.68 lb)

20) Product dimensions (W x D x H ) no more than 242.5 x 122.9 x 35.0 mm

21) CE certificates: EN60950; FCC



4 Channels:

VW-4S1-G: 4CH FHD SD MDVR, including GPS module and 3-axis G sensor;

VW-4S1-GF: 4CH FHD SD MDVR, including GPS、4G modules and 3-axis G sensor;

VW-4S1-GFW: 4CH FHD SD MDVR, including GPS、Wi-Fi、4G modules and 3-axis G sensor;

VW-4S1-GF-AI: 4CH AI-based FHD SD MDVR, including GPS、4G modules、3-axis G-sensor; it can work with optional DMS/ADAS/BSD cameras.


Key Features

  • Support up to 5 channels video inputs (4pcs FHD/AHD Cameras+1pc IP Camera);
  • Support up to 1080p video streaming with H.265 video compression;
  • Dual streaming support;
  • Built-in G-sensor, GPS module, 4G module;
  • Alarm I/O;
  • RS485 for PTZ control;
  • Design for commercial fleets;


4CH 1080P H.265 DASHCAM


  1. Front and Rear dual-channel high-definition 1080P cameras, plus extended 2-channel 1080P cameras, simultaneous recording inside and outside the car;
  2. Infrared night vision, the video is clearly visible in the dark environment in the car;
  3. H265 compression format, saving 40% storage space than H264; same image quality, network transmission saves half of the traffic ;
  4. Support dual TF card recording, support 32G/64G/128G/256G/512G high speed ;
  5. Special file system, loop recording, to ensure the safety and stability of video files;
  6. Built-in super capacitor, when the device is abnormally powered off, it can work continuously for 3 seconds and complete the video file;
  7. 4G Full Netcom, supports global frequency bands;
  8. BD/GPS dual-mode positioning, AGPS      positioning        and     other     positioning methods, support driving track playback;
  9. One-click picture capture, automatic picture upload platform;
  10. One-click SOS emergency alarm, video upload before and after alarm;
  11. Support multiple alarm types: low pressure alarm, overspeed alarm, parking overtime alarm, fatigue driving alarm, SOS alarm, collision alarm, video occlusion alarm, etc.;
  12. Support platform real-time monitoring, monitoring, intercom, track playback, remote capture, remote playback and other functions;
  13. Support multiple network protocol platforms, CMSV6 , JT/T 794-2011 , JT/T 808-2011,JT/T 1078 ,JT/T 905.2-2014,GB28181 etc.;
  14. Equipment automatic detection function, active discovery of equipment failures, easy operation and maintenance;
  15. Support driver face recognition (optional);
  16. Support advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) (optional): lane deviation alarm, forward collision alarm, and vehicle distance too close alarm;
  17. Driver Behavior Analysis (DSM) (optional): lower your head, call, smoke, look around, yawn, close your eyes, face not detected, cover camera, etc.



VUEWO VW-4H1 Series FHD/AHD HDD MDVR is a newly released series MDVRs, especially designed for commercial vehicles, which can work in tough industrial situation with strong structure and military level anti-shock design.

This is a multi-functional model, which can even realize DMS/ADAS、BSD(Blind Spot Detection)、360 degree around view in this right device. Appearance design is simplified, more focus was devoted into structure design to make it adjust harsh vehicle environment.


5 port switching hub



Level at least 2

Run H is

Structural elements

Standard power supply Yes

PoE N is number of ports not less Ethernet 5

The transfer rate of the E thernet port is not less than 100 Mbps

5 Power in / 500 mA dc

Operating temperature -10 ° C to 55 ° C (14 ° F to 131 ° F)

Working humidity 10% -90%

Storage temperature -20 ° C to 70 ° C (-4 ° F to 158 ° F)

Storage humidity 10% -90%

Energy consumption

No load: no more than 0.65 W

Full load: 1.3 W or less


Switching capacity of at least 1 Gbit / c

Speed packet redirects 0,744,000. Packet / a

Packet Buffer Memory 448 Kbps

MAC address table size 1K entries

Compliance with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3and, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE802.3az standards

ESD protection

Air discharge: 8 kV

Contact discharge: 4KV

Lightning and Common mode 2 kV

Weight 0.14 kgs

Dimensions 77mm x 46mm x 21mm

7-inch Touch Button LCD Vehicle Monitor

Model code: VW-VM-709




With tough tests guaranteed, VUEWO released his new VW-VM-709 touch button monitor to help with safe driving and visual assistance of drivers.

This new model was designed with more rugged body structure to be suitable for even tougher work circumstance in commercial vehicles. High brightness of LCD screen and sensitive touch control make it more accepted by vehicle drivers, who suffers long time fatigue driving in his journey. Suggested for forklift, bus, logistic trucks …

7-inch Wireless FHD Touch Screen Monitor



Storage and Keeping

  • Do not expose the monitor to excessive heat or coldness.

Storage temperature is -30~+80℃;

Operating temperature is -20~+70℃;

Battery operating temperature is 0-70℃;

Humidity is Rh90%.

  • Never use this device near a bathtub, wash basin, kitchen, damp basement, swimming pool or similar places.
  • Never use this device in the environment with excessive moisture, dust or smoke.
  • Avoid dropping or striking.
  • Never use this device in enclosed spaces, areas with excessive vibration or subject to severe impacts.
  • Never puncture, scratch or use abrasive cleaning materials on this device.
  • Do not place cables where they may be pinched or stepped on.
  • Leave at least a 2″ space between the monitor and walls, cabinets or other objects to allow adequate air circulation around the device.
  • The monitor is not designed to be waterproof.


Operating Precautions

1)  The device may be powered by a 12 or 24v automotive battery or vehicle electrical system.

2)  Make sure all cables are connected properly. Observe polarity. Improper cable connections may damage the monitor. Remove the power cable connections when you do not intend to use the device.

7” AHD Vehicle Monitor VW-VM-706AHD

Key Features


  • Support 2 channel AV in
  • Support rotating the screen: Screen ratio 16:9 adjustable.
  • Auto-adjust screen brightness Day&Night.
  • 2 ways to install: standing or mounting
  • Support IR remote controller for easy operation.
  • Low power consumption

7” TFT Vehicle Monitor VW-VM-1

Key Features

  • Support 2 channels AV in
  • Support rotating the screen: Screen ratio 16:9/4:3 adjustable.
  • Supports adjust the Brightness, contrast, color.
  • 2 ways to install: standing or mounting
  • Support IR remote controller for easy operation.
  • Low power consumption




VW-8H1: 8CH FHD HDD MDVR, including 3-axis G-sensor;

VW-8H1-G: 8CH FHD HDD MDVR, including GPS module and 3-axis G-sensor;

VW-8H1-GF: 8CH FHD HDD MDVR, including GPS、4G modules and 3-axis G-sensor;

VW-8H1-GFW: 8CH FHD HDD MDVR, including GPS、Wi-Fi、4G modules and 3-axis G-sensor;

VW-8H1-GF-AI: 8CH FHD HDD AI MDVR, including GPS、4G modules、3-axis G-sensor. This model can work with VUEWO AI accessories, like DMS/ADAS/BSD cameras

9” AHD HD Vehicle Monitor VW-VM-903AHD

Key Features


  • Support 2 channel AV in
  • Support rotating the screen: Screen ratio 16:9 adjustable.
  • Auto-adjust screen brightness Day&Night.
  • View angle: L/R, 178 degree; Up/Down, 178 degree;
  • Automatically switch to V2 when reversing
  • Support IR remote controller for easy operation.


Model code: VW-DMS01-12V




The newly released VW-DMS01-12V camera is a specialized DMS camera, which is specially designed to be installed on the dashboard or side-mounted to the A-pillar of vehicle, to monitor the status of the driver in real time during driving.

It can capture high-quality image and video data for algorithm running, detecting the driver’s dangerous driving behavior in high accuracy.


Model Code: VW-ADAS




VUEWO ADAS camera VW-ADAS can sense the surrounding environment in real time with high accuracy during the driving process, providing effective calculation and analysis by captured high-quality image and video data for the algorithm

It can make the driver aware of possible dangers in advance with sound alarm, which is generated by built-in mic of dashcam, or external speaker of MDVR if equipped.

This ADAS camera is a standard accessory of VUEWO in-vehicle video monitoring solution, playing the role of vehicle status monitoring.




  • 265/H.264 encoding and decoding, save storage space and transmission flow;
  • Support up to 4-channel 1080p*15fps/2-channel 1080p*30fps, 4-channel 720p, D1 and other codecs;
  • Built-in one 1080p camera and external three HD cameras for easy installation;;
  • Built-in 2ch AI intelligent algorithm, which can support ADAS, DMS and BSD functions;
  • Built-in GPS + Beidou dual-mode precise positioning;
  • Support 1 TF card, super capacitor double guarantees the integrity of video files;
  • Support 1 SIM card, 4G module can support global frequency band;
  • Support Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Support mobile app, client, platform software preview video and parameter configuration;
  • Support 4ch I/O alarm input and 2ch of RS232;
  • Built in speaker and microphone, Support voice intercom between dash camera and platform. TTS voice broadcast;
  • One key SOS emergency alarm; Support low-power sleep;
  • Special file system to improve disk reading and writing efficiency, more stable video recording;



VW-A4-4GFW: VUEWO patented vehicle smart dash cam, self with 1ch camera, additional max. 3ch, including GPS、Wi-Fi、4G modules and G-sensor;

VW-A4-4GFW-AI: VUEWO patented vehicle smart dash cam, self-with 1ch camera, additional max. 3ch, including GPS、Wi-Fi、4G modules and G-sensor; it can work with optional DMS/ADAS/BSD cameras.