70% forklift accidents preventable with standard safety measures

Accident rates by Industry

  • 45% Industry
  • 20% Construction
  • 12% Wholesale
  • 11% Transportation
  • 10% Retail
  • 2% Mining

Types of forklift accidents

  • 42% crushed by forklift tipping over
  • 25% crushed between vehicle and surface
  • 8% struck by falling vehicl
  • 11% run-over
  • 11% rushed between 2 vehicles
  • 4% falling from forks
Issues and Facts
  • FLT’s account for 1% of all warehouse/factory accidents however account for 10% of All physical injuries.
  • Forklifts account for around 85 deaths every year in UK.
  • 1,300 UK employees are hospitalized each year with serious injuries following forklift accidents.
  • 57% of those injured or killed in forklift accidents are pedestrians.
  • It is estimated that implementing systems and technology that improve driver behaviour could reduce FLT accidents/incidents by up to 70%.
  • A forklift overturning is the most common incidents, accounting for 24% of all forklift accidents.
serious injuries result from forklift accidents annually
non-serious injuries related to forklift accidents each year.


workplace deaths involve in a forklift


deaths per year relating to forklifts

Solution overview
  • Up to 5 camera system 360 view for reducing blind spots, Live video streaming
  • Daily video footages stored locally in the MDVR, playback remotely over the 4G or warehouse wifi network, or retrieve, playback, export through dedicated local player
  • Built-in g-sensor detecting harsh braking, impact, harsh acceleration events. Pre/post event video clips triggered and uploaded to on-premise server for backup and reviewing
  • PC, Web based platform, mobile APP
  • Vision aid operator monitor
  • Dedicated mobile power pack for forkcam
  • Forkcam powered by dedicated mobile UPS pack, connected to MDVR through WIFI
  • External g-sensor attached on the fork to detect inbalance when loaded with pallot, alert to trigger the siren light.
  • Open API for integrating with third party platform

By using forklift wireless camera solutions from VUEWO, operators can save much time on getting goods from racks and avoid more than 80% accidents by lifting. It means it can increase more than 60% inficiency in daily warehouse operation since it provides reliable applications and effective way to check the forks’ positions.

On the other hand, wireless connections help systems can be installed in different complicated situations of forklift and our connections can transfer more than 10m distance which suit with some huge forklifts.

Forklift Camera


Forklifts are widely used and have a certain degree of risk in operation. When the forklifts frequently and quickly pick up the goods, which have different sizes and heights, it is difficult for the driver to determine the position of the forks.

The VUEWO forklift camera can display clear images of the fork position and the surrounding area, providing the driver with more field of view, reducing blind areas during operation, improving work efficiency, and increasing safety factor.



VW-TX01: Waterproof wireless transmitter of forklift camera ;

VW-RX01: Waterproof wireless receiver of forklift monitor ;



The VUEWO waterproof wireless transmitter and receiver are specially designed for VUEWO forklift solution to transmit captured video data from fork camera wirelessly to display or video processing unit, to save complicated system installation procedures and create safe high-efficient work environments.

Deployment in multiple projects proves its performance and stability in whole system, expect your experience to testify our full solution.


Pedestrian safety is one of the major accidents caused by forklifts. VUEWO latest AI mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) can detected pedestrians who are in blind spots of forklifts. With AI empowered chipset, VUEWO MDVR can provide efficient detection and provide local warning to controller by light flasher and speaker. Meanwhile, operators can get the information and alert remotely. All the information can be feasible on the reports of alarms.





Forklift operator

  • 360 vision aid to avoid collision incidents due to blind spot
  • Aid in loading/unloading pallet
  • Reduce the damaging on the valuable stocks and commodities
  • Reduce criticism and blame

Warehouse manager

  • Reduce the disruption in supply chain due to incident.
  • Reduce warehouse incident serious injures, death.
  • Review accident, incident footage to improve warehouse safety measures.
  • Reduce forklift accident by up to 70%