Uninterrupted Power Supply VW-U2

Model Code: VW-U2


VUEWO UPS VW-U2 belongs to Explorer Series, it is specially designed for commercial vehicle’s application, such as, public transportation, law enforcement vehicles, logistic trucks, which require additional powering force.

Comparing with last version VW-U1, brand-new design housing and internal structure design can improve more than 20% heat dissipation with aluminum material, increasing 35% lifetime in applicating. It can provide more than 80Wh battery capacity, so that it can power more than 8 hours by 10W system in theory.

Also, it can work with 12V/24V in vehicles based on MIL-810G anti-vibration standard. ACC connection structure makes sure it can control powering to the loads by different status of engine and make sure it can work in different applications providing longer stable surveillance services for commercial telematics industries.

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  • Brand new housing design for commercial vehicles, provides continuously powering for mobile systems when engine stops.
  • Support up to 80Wh powering with stable and clean current.
  • Self-protect design protects camera systems from electricity shock, prevent unstable current or voltage damaging the electronic devices.
  • Three color LED indicators show powering status of UPS.
  • Support various device range, such as, GPS trackers and MDVR system.
  • Protect systems from unexpectable short-cut from vehicles battery, avoid potential risks from illegal operation or installation of systems.



Type Item Standard Specification
Basic Power input 12V/24V vehicles 10~36VDC
Max current Smart charge 8A
Max voltage 4 cells per pack 18V
Battery capacity 4s1p\4s2p 80Wh
Voltage output DC18V
Continues output 5A
Max output current 16A
Condition Work temp Battery working temperature Charging:0℃~60℃

Power supply:-20℃~80℃

IP rating IP65
Vibrating standard MIL MIL-810G
Radio standard ISO ISO-7637-2
Certs CCC, CE, FCC
LED Charging 100% Green light
15-99% Orange light
<15% Red light
Powering >30% Green light
15-30% Orange light
5-15% Red light
<5% Red light flashing
Exceed Power Range Error Red&Green Flashing
Powering Error Red Flashing


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