Fair Settlement is Difficult for Motorcyclists

Often, the only real recourse for a motorcyclist who has been injured in an accident is to take the other driver to court in a personal injury lawsuit. If the biker has been killed, his or her family may need to pursue a wrongful death claim in court.

Why? Because insurance companies are quick to blame the motorcyclist for the accident. There’s a long history of anti-motorcycle bias in the media and in public perception. Motorcyclists are perceived as risk-takers, people who ride fast and live hard — so the natural tendency is to think that they’re responsible for their own accidents.


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Police officers are sometimes affected by that bias and write up accident reports that reflect that bias. Juries, too, can be biased against bikers, and they may let that cloud their judgment in court.

Vuewo Motorbike Camera System

Therefore, video evidence plays a vital role to commercial motorbike fleet operation since it can help managers find out what reasons causing to the injuries. It can minimize the loss from the motorbike accidents. By using Vuewo motorbike dashcam system, it can help motorbike fleet team to request video, tracking and other emergency alerts lively or in the past. In this way, it can save fleet manager a lot of time on gathering accident data or evidence. For more detailed information please contact Vuewo sales team or email to info@vuewo.com.

vuewo motorbike camera
  • Live tracking and video recording
  • Driving behavior report
  • Track history playback
  • Remote download event video clips
  • Emergency video upload and reporting
industrial level motorbike camera
waterproof motorbike camera
remote access vuewo motorbike camera

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VW-A2-2GW: Flexible in-vehicle dashcam, max. 2ch, including GPS、Wi-Fi modules;

VW-A2-2GFW: Flexible in-vehicle dashcam, max. 2ch, including GPS、Wi-Fi、4G modules;



  • Support 1-ch 1080P*30FPS+1 CH 720P*30FPS, max 2-ch 720P*30FPS, D1 etc.;
  • Advanced H.265/H.264 is used to encode and decode, with high compression ratio, saving storage space and transmission flow;
  • Built in Sony low light sensor, using 3 mega-pixels 135-degree wide angle lens, support 1channel 5V external video camera;
  • Support TF card to record video manually or regularly, the maximum capacity is 256GB.
  • Support Wi-Fi/4G (optional) communication and external GPS positioning.
  • Support alarm function and switch signal input.
  • Built-in 6-axis G-sensor;
  • Mobile App login, preview 2 channel video and parameter configuration.
  • Special file system, improve the efficiency of disk reading and writing, video more stable.
  • Compact and portable appearance design, IP66 waterproof grade, the product is light and tight.

Uninterrupted Power Supply VW-U3

Model Code: VW-U3



VUEWO UPS VW-U3 is a high-performance back-up power solution specially design for commercial vehicles including motorbikes, forklifts, mining trucks, and other yellow machines. It can provide continuously powering to trackers, mobile DVR, cameras, monitors or other devices working on commercial vehicles.



  • Perfect structure design, smaller size for installing in limited space;
  • High-performance photosensitive chip provides high-definition colors, especially in light environment at night;
  • Six layers of all-glass lenses provide true colors display;
  • Anti-vibration design and anti-aging spare parts ensure the camera have longer work life and better stability;
  • 360-degree waterproof design without dead corners;
  • Flexible and adjustable angle design ensures that the camera can see a wider target angle area;
  • Multiple lenses are optional, such as, 1.5mm, 2.1mm, 2.8mm . . .