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Nowadays public transport, like tram, trolley bus, city bus … has become main transportation power in daily life of a country, but with development of modern transportation in cities, the followings have become main challenges for all involved parties.


Onboard passenger’s safety can’t be guaranteed in rubbery or violence events and in/after traffic accidents

Live Information

On-road vehicle’s status and driving behaviors could not be monitored well to realize prevention


After vehicle damaged, lacking evidence for investigation and insurance compensation

Fleets Scheduling

Shifts behind the schedule situation happens more often

On Dec. 26th, 2019, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, a night bus had a serious traffic accident, which caused big casualties: 35 died, 15 injured. After the accident, passengers said to the interviewer that they were so lucky, because the bus started its journey earlier than the scheduled, they failed to catch.

By words from survivors, this accident was caused by fatigue driving of driver. Good news is the bus was found in not long time by a piece of GPS data from a video recording device, but bad news is onboard device lost this very video in HDD due to unstable power supply to device.



VW-8H1: 8CH FHD HDD MDVR, including 3-axis G-sensor;

VW-8H1-G: 8CH FHD HDD MDVR, including GPS module and 3-axis G-sensor;

VW-8H1-GF: 8CH FHD HDD MDVR, including GPS、4G modules and 3-axis G-sensor;

VW-8H1-GFW: 8CH FHD HDD MDVR, including GPS、Wi-Fi、4G modules and 3-axis G-sensor;

VW-8H1-GF-AI: 8CH FHD HDD AI MDVR, including GPS、4G modules、3-axis G-sensor. This model can work with VUEWO AI accessories, like DMS/ADAS/BSD cameras

As an innovative vehicle telematics solution provider, VUEWO has been devoting in public transport industries with leading edge of telematics solution since 2015. For solving these headaches in public transport, we provide a full range of products, such as,

  1. In-vehicle video monitoring solution, including: mobile DVRs, various cameras, driver monitor.

Vuewo solutions have been deployed in domestic and abroad projects long enough to realize real-time video monitoring, intercom, broadcasting, video query、playback、downloading in self-developed web and windows platforms. In past years, the cost-efficiency and stability has been proven well.

  1. ADAS&DMS system.

This system works with high accuracy to monitor driver’s status for preventing and assist in efficient vehicle-control.

  1. Vuewo Uninterruptible Power Supply system.

With unique product planning, Vuewo UPS can provide stable and clean current/voltage output for maximum 8 hours by quality Samsung Battery Cell, stabilizing vehicle power supply for onboard devices, especially in urgent situation for old types of public transports. And it has unique LED indicator, which may show the battery capacity in charging/discharging, it is the first design in the field.

  1. Built-in bus shift&scheduling system.

Together with software and LED screen support, Vuewo solution can show live station/routing of vehicles, help you to arrange fleet shifting and scheduling in software easily.

  1. Rich peripheral accessories.

After years deployment, our system can widely work with expanded accessories, such as, fuel sensor, temperature sensor, credit card machine, LED advertising screen, OBD.

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