4CH 1080P H.265 DASHCAM


  1. Front and Rear dual-channel high-definition 1080P cameras, plus extended 2-channel 1080P cameras, simultaneous recording inside and outside the car;
  2. Infrared night vision, the video is clearly visible in the dark environment in the car;
  3. H265 compression format, saving 40% storage space than H264; same image quality, network transmission saves half of the traffic ;
  4. Support dual TF card recording, support 32G/64G/128G/256G/512G high speed ;
  5. Special file system, loop recording, to ensure the safety and stability of video files;
  6. Built-in super capacitor, when the device is abnormally powered off, it can work continuously for 3 seconds and complete the video file;
  7. 4G Full Netcom, supports global frequency bands;
  8. BD/GPS dual-mode positioning, AGPS      positioning        and     other     positioning methods, support driving track playback;
  9. One-click picture capture, automatic picture upload platform;
  10. One-click SOS emergency alarm, video upload before and after alarm;
  11. Support multiple alarm types: low pressure alarm, overspeed alarm, parking overtime alarm, fatigue driving alarm, SOS alarm, collision alarm, video occlusion alarm, etc.;
  12. Support platform real-time monitoring, monitoring, intercom, track playback, remote capture, remote playback and other functions;
  13. Support multiple network protocol platforms, CMSV6 , JT/T 794-2011 , JT/T 808-2011,JT/T 1078 ,JT/T 905.2-2014,GB28181 etc.;
  14. Equipment automatic detection function, active discovery of equipment failures, easy operation and maintenance;
  15. Support driver face recognition (optional);
  16. Support advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) (optional): lane deviation alarm, forward collision alarm, and vehicle distance too close alarm;
  17. Driver Behavior Analysis (DSM) (optional): lower your head, call, smoke, look around, yawn, close your eyes, face not detected, cover camera, etc.




  • 265/H.264 encoding and decoding, save storage space and transmission flow;
  • Support up to 4-channel 1080p*15fps/2-channel 1080p*30fps, 4-channel 720p, D1 and other codecs;
  • Built-in one 1080p camera and external three HD cameras for easy installation;;
  • Built-in 2ch AI intelligent algorithm, which can support ADAS, DMS and BSD functions;
  • Built-in GPS + Beidou dual-mode precise positioning;
  • Support 1 TF card, super capacitor double guarantees the integrity of video files;
  • Support 1 SIM card, 4G module can support global frequency band;
  • Support Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Support mobile app, client, platform software preview video and parameter configuration;
  • Support 4ch I/O alarm input and 2ch of RS232;
  • Built in speaker and microphone, Support voice intercom between dash camera and platform. TTS voice broadcast;
  • One key SOS emergency alarm; Support low-power sleep;
  • Special file system to improve disk reading and writing efficiency, more stable video recording;



VW-A4-4GFW: VUEWO patented vehicle smart dash cam, self with 1ch camera, additional max. 3ch, including GPS、Wi-Fi、4G modules and G-sensor;

VW-A4-4GFW-AI: VUEWO patented vehicle smart dash cam, self-with 1ch camera, additional max. 3ch, including GPS、Wi-Fi、4G modules and G-sensor; it can work with optional DMS/ADAS/BSD cameras.




VW-A2-2GW: Flexible in-vehicle dashcam, max. 2ch, including GPS、Wi-Fi modules;

VW-A2-2GFW: Flexible in-vehicle dashcam, max. 2ch, including GPS、Wi-Fi、4G modules;



  • Support 1-ch 1080P*30FPS+1 CH 720P*30FPS, max 2-ch 720P*30FPS, D1 etc.;
  • Advanced H.265/H.264 is used to encode and decode, with high compression ratio, saving storage space and transmission flow;
  • Built in Sony low light sensor, using 3 mega-pixels 135-degree wide angle lens, support 1channel 5V external video camera;
  • Support TF card to record video manually or regularly, the maximum capacity is 256GB.
  • Support Wi-Fi/4G (optional) communication and external GPS positioning.
  • Support alarm function and switch signal input.
  • Built-in 6-axis G-sensor;
  • Mobile App login, preview 2 channel video and parameter configuration.
  • Special file system, improve the efficiency of disk reading and writing, video more stable.
  • Compact and portable appearance design, IP66 waterproof grade, the product is light and tight.