VHS Platform

VHS, also means Vehicle Hosting Service. VHS platform is the platform VUEWO used to developed for Chinese Transportation Market since in the past it has policy that all the transpotation in China must have smart devices following 808 transportation standard. Therefore, VUEWO has developed an unique platform suiting DVR with AI devices like DMS, ADAS, People Counter etc. And this year, VUEWO has updated the latest version and change into Enlish version which suitable foreign market. For more info please feel free to check with VUEWO team or contact info@vuewo.com.


VUECHECK, is the app designed by VUEWO technical team specifically for VUEWO mobile DVRs and AI mobile DVRs. By using VUECHECK, users are able to do configurations with phone application without remote control or mouse. It can save much time on installation and callibrations for installers. Moreover, it can provide other useful functions for operators like export playback, alarm setup and other settings for maintaining.