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What is the voltage supporting VUEWO mobile DVR?

Vuewo Mobile DVRs support 8-36V powering, normally its power comsuption is around 8-15W.

How to upgrade the firmware of mobile DVRs?

There are three different ways:

  1. Put the firmware file into SD card then insert it into mobile DVRs.
  2. Put the firmware file into USB memory then insert it to USB port of Mobile DVRs.
  3. Connect the device to CMS platform and use remote upgrade function.

Warning: Please do not power off devices when it is upgrading, it will cause device error and could not reboot it again.

How can setup the configurations of MDVRs?


  1. Use VUEWO remote controller
  2. Connect mouse to mobile DVR by USB port
  3. Use VUECHECK APP with Android phone
  4. Connect to CMS platform by network then start remote setup


Can VUEWO MDVRs keep recording when vehicles are off?

Yes. You can setup turn off delay time then devices will keep working after engines are off. Ideally it should work together with VUEWO UPS system so that it would not make the battery of vehicle runs out.

How can mobile DVRs connect monitor?

There are two different ways connecting to monitors:

  1. Connect CVBS monitor with ‘AV OUT’ aviation port of mobile DVR.
  2. Connect monitor with VGA port (normally monitor requires sperate powering from vehicles).

Does VUEWO dashcam support 24V truck?

Yes. VUEWO dashcam supports 8-36V power supply no matter in private cars or commercial vehicles including most of trucks, yellow machines, forlifts, police cars and so on.

How can I configure dashcam?

There are different ways to configure VUEWO dashcam. A1 and A2 series cameras can be configure by phone APP provided by VUEWO. A3 and A4 can be configured by both phone APP and monitors with remote controller.

What is sleep mode?

Sleep mode means that dashcam will keep working when it dectects some accidents like movement of vehicles or some shock detection caused by theft, violation or crashes when vehciels are parking. It will trigger the dashcam start reporting alarms then take snapshots or video recording upload to platform server.

Does the dahscams have mic?

Yes, VUEWO dashcam has built-in mic, speaker and LED indicators which help operators or users get information of the devices and surroundings.

How can I install VUEWO dashcam?

You can connect the power cables of VUEWO dashcam to vehicle battery directly with engine acc or connecting to the fuse box of the vechiles. Noramly it takes around 10-30mins to finish the whole installation.

Do I have to built my own server for fleet management?

Not necessary. VUEWO team provide hosting services for those clients who are not able to build up their own servers.

Can I use other fleet management software with VUEWO devices?

Yes. VUEWO has cooperated with different FMS (fleet management software) providers so that it can provide localized solutions for customers or service providers.

What is the recommendation of server specs?

Depends on how many vehicles users going to deploy into the server. Normally we recommend at least 8GB RAM, 200GB+ storage based on Windows Server OS 2012 or higher. For more details please feel free contact VUEWO.

How long for the video storage can be provided by platform?

It depends on the storage of server and what is the resolutions of footage users going to upload to servers.

Can I update the server to latest version directly?

Yes, but you need to contact our technical support team to check the versions and your server information the process next step. Otherwise it will cause errors or signiture ID changes then there would be extra charges on renew the liscences on the server.

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