4CH 1080P H.265 DASHCAM


  1. Front and Rear dual-channel high-definition 1080P cameras, plus extended 2-channel 1080P cameras, simultaneous recording inside and outside the car;
  2. Infrared night vision, the video is clearly visible in the dark environment in the car;
  3. H265 compression format, saving 40% storage space than H264; same image quality, network transmission saves half of the traffic ;
  4. Support dual TF card recording, support 32G/64G/128G/256G/512G high speed ;
  5. Special file system, loop recording, to ensure the safety and stability of video files;
  6. Built-in super capacitor, when the device is abnormally powered off, it can work continuously for 3 seconds and complete the video file;
  7. 4G Full Netcom, supports global frequency bands;
  8. BD/GPS dual-mode positioning, AGPS      positioning        and     other     positioning methods, support driving track playback;
  9. One-click picture capture, automatic picture upload platform;
  10. One-click SOS emergency alarm, video upload before and after alarm;
  11. Support multiple alarm types: low pressure alarm, overspeed alarm, parking overtime alarm, fatigue driving alarm, SOS alarm, collision alarm, video occlusion alarm, etc.;
  12. Support platform real-time monitoring, monitoring, intercom, track playback, remote capture, remote playback and other functions;
  13. Support multiple network protocol platforms, CMSV6 , JT/T 794-2011 , JT/T 808-2011,JT/T 1078 ,JT/T 905.2-2014,GB28181 etc.;
  14. Equipment automatic detection function, active discovery of equipment failures, easy operation and maintenance;
  15. Support driver face recognition (optional);
  16. Support advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) (optional): lane deviation alarm, forward collision alarm, and vehicle distance too close alarm;
  17. Driver Behavior Analysis (DSM) (optional): lower your head, call, smoke, look around, yawn, close your eyes, face not detected, cover camera, etc.
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Basic configuration
Memory 4GB
Outside camera 2MP sensor,140 Degree Wide angle.

Support wide dynamic WDR

In-car camera 2MP sensor,140 Degree Wide angle.

With infrared night vision, the video is clearly visible in the dark environment in the car

Dual memory card Support two TF cards,32GB/64GB/128G/256G
Positioning Beidou/GPS dual-mode high-precision positioning module
Gyro Collision alarm, vibration alarm
Speaker and Mic Build in
ADAS algorithm (optional) Advanced driving assistance system: lane deviation alarm, forward collision alarm, and vehicle distance too close alarm
DSM algorithm + DSM camera (optional) Driver behavior analysis: head down, call, smoke, look around, yawn, close eyes, no face detected, cover the camera
Face recognition algorithm (optional) Identify the driver and report
Recording parameters
Video resolution 1080P/720P/D1
Video format H265/H264 Compression format
File format Special file system, can export .asf file
Network parameters
4G All domestic Netcom supports China Mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications cards, and IoT cards;

Overseas support for global frequency bands;

WIFI 2.4G frequency, support WIFI STA/AP mode, support mobile preview
External Interface
VCC powered by 9V-36V
GND Ground
ACC Ignition detection, control switch
SOS button Emergency button, video upload before and after the police
PTT button Short press to take pictures, long press to talk
External display CVBS Interface, video output
Serial port 1xRS232, support extended functions
Two external cameras 2xAHD interface camera
USB MINI USB Interface, support copying video data, equipment upgrade, mouse operation
One-key restore settings Support one-key factory reset function
Dimension (mm) 120*77*55mm
Weight Around 240g±10g
working environment
Operating temperature -20℃~+70℃
Relative humidity ≤93%


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