7-inch Wireless FHD Touch Screen Monitor



Storage and Keeping

  • Do not expose the monitor to excessive heat or coldness.

Storage temperature is -30~+80℃;

Operating temperature is -20~+70℃;

Battery operating temperature is 0-70℃;

Humidity is Rh90%.

  • Never use this device near a bathtub, wash basin, kitchen, damp basement, swimming pool or similar places.
  • Never use this device in the environment with excessive moisture, dust or smoke.
  • Avoid dropping or striking.
  • Never use this device in enclosed spaces, areas with excessive vibration or subject to severe impacts.
  • Never puncture, scratch or use abrasive cleaning materials on this device.
  • Do not place cables where they may be pinched or stepped on.
  • Leave at least a 2″ space between the monitor and walls, cabinets or other objects to allow adequate air circulation around the device.
  • The monitor is not designed to be waterproof.


Operating Precautions

1)  The device may be powered by a 12 or 24v automotive battery or vehicle electrical system.

2)  Make sure all cables are connected properly. Observe polarity. Improper cable connections may damage the monitor. Remove the power cable connections when you do not intend to use the device.



  • TFT LCD monitor with wide angle view and high resolution display;
  • Image can be set to horizontally flipped, vertically flipped and normal;
  • Support multiple image display modes like single, dual, quad;
  • Support up to 5ch triggers, trigger priority&trigger delay are selectable;
  • Support auto scan, scan channel and scan time;
  • Support backlight adjustment manually and automatically;
  • Supports parking line, parking line size and position can be adjusted;
  • Built-in 1.5w speaker;
  • Monitor operated by remote control or keypad;
  • Working voltage: 10-32V;
  • Compliance with CE/FCC standards;
  • Support up to 4ch wireless camera input;
  • Capacitive touch-screen(optional)


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