4 Channels:

VW-4S1-G: 4CH FHD SD MDVR, including GPS module and 3-axis G sensor;

VW-4S1-GF: 4CH FHD SD MDVR, including GPS、4G modules and 3-axis G sensor;

VW-4S1-GFW: 4CH FHD SD MDVR, including GPS、Wi-Fi、4G modules and 3-axis G sensor;

VW-4S1-GF-AI: 4CH AI-based FHD SD MDVR, including GPS、4G modules、3-axis G-sensor; it can work with optional DMS/ADAS/BSD cameras.



VUEWO VW-4S1 series FHD/AHD SD MDVR is a newly released series MDVRs, especially designed for commercial vehicles, which can work in tough industrial situation with strong structure and military level anti-shock design.

This is a multi-functional model, which can realize below advanced DMS/ADAS、BSD、360 degree around view functions…  in this right device by optional accessories. For example:

  1. DMS functions: Fatigue driving, Calling, Smoking, Distracted driving, Driver absent, Covering device, Blocking infrared, Face ID (attendance checking or engine control).
  2. DMSX functions: Not wearing seat belt, Hands off the steering wheel.
  3. ADAS functions: Lane Offset, Forward Collision, Pedestrian Collision, Vehicle Too Close.
  4. BSD functions: Left BSD, Right BSD, Rear BSD, Front BSD.
  5. 360 degrees around view: display 3D video in normal display screen.




  1. Patented appearance design.
  2. Military standard aluminum alloy material case.
  3. Better heat dissipation through large area fin heat sink design.
  4. Compact body makes it easier to install.
  5. Simple and elegant metal front panel, with independent safety lock.




Item Para
system operating language Chinese/English
operating system Linux
Operation interface Graphical menu operation interface (OSD menu)
Video recording system video input 4 channels of 5V video input, resolution: 1080P, 720P, D1, HD1, CIF
video output Support 1 channel CVBS video output, optional 1 channel VGA video output
video standard PAL system, NTSC system
Video compression format H.264/H.265 compression format
Video resolution Support 1080P, 720P, D1, HD1, CIF optional
Video quality 1 to 8 levels of recording can be matched, the best level 1, the minimum level 8
Video recording Default automatic recording, support ignition recording, alarm recording, etc.
audio audio input Support 4-channel camera audio input, sound and video synchronous recording
Compression format G.711A compression format
Alarm input 4 IO alarm inputs, 1 emergency alarm input
Alarm Output 1 channel switch output
Serial input RS232 x2, optional RS232 x1, RS485 x2.
Wireless transmission Built-in 4G wireless transmission function, TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE
WIFI: Wireless 802.11b/g/n communication module
GPS positioning Support external GPS / BD module, can be reported to the Ministry of standard platform
Sensor Built-in 3-axis acceleration, optional 6-axis gyro sensor
Storage storage card 2 SD cards for video recording, the maximum capacity of each is 512GB
Upgrade method Support SD card, U disk, FTP remote automatic upgrade
storage method Proprietary raw disk storage method
SIM card interface 1 SIM card interface
Video Playback video search The recorded video data can be searched by recording time, recording method, etc.
playback Support 1-4 channel playback, support 2, 4, 8, 16 times fast forward or backward, pause


power management Adaptive wide-width power input, with overload, under-voltage, short-circuit, reverse connection and other protection functions;
Support timing switch, delay shutdown function.
Input voltage DC: +9V~+36V
The output voltage +12V@1A, +5V@1A
Power consumption Normal working state <12W (without peripherals)
Working Environment temperature -20℃ to +70℃
humidity 8%~90%
Safety Management password access User password, administrator password two-level management
Platform access JT/T 808-2011, JT/T 808-2019,JT/T 905.2-2014,JT/T 1076-2016,JT/T 1078-2016,TTX protocol、GB28181、RTMP optional
physical dimension 120*120*46mm
net weight 450g



No. Item Qty Mark
1 Main unit 1 pc Default
2 Power cable 1 pc Default
3 I/O extension cable 1 pc Default
4 Wi-Fi antenna 1 pc As Requested
5 4G antenna 1 pc As Requested
6 BD/GPS antenna 1 pc As Requested
7 Key 2 pcs Default
8 Remote 1 pc Default
9 Screws 1 set Default
10 AV-IN (6 to 4 pin) cable 2 pcs Default


For detailed specifications, please contact Vuewo Team.


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