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Wireless Full HD Camera

Model: VW-801




With full on-vehicle tests finished, VUEWO released his ultra HD wireless camera VW-801, it is part of VUEWO wireless camera system, in which also include 2.4G wireless HD vehicle monitor VW-VM-711 and specialized UPS battery pack VW-U3.


VW-801 wireless camera belongs to VUEWO wireless camera family, which is a kind of CE&UKCA certified products.


Nowadays with development of modern science and technology, wireless transmission system has become more and more popular in daily life and it plays an important role in systems for commercial vehicles, such as, recreational vehicles, agricultural tractors, long size trailers, cranes, trucks… and other commercial vehicles.

This model of wireless digital ultra HD camera has enhanced transmission signal and stable transmission distance up to 200 meters (barrier free), wide viewing angle can increase the visibility range in bright and low-lumen situation, solving blind spot problems to rise up the operation efficiency and avoid accidents.