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Vuewo DS-2CD1143G0E-I Video Camera

  • working hours 24/7/365;
  • synchronization of time signals with clocks of devices, servers and workstations;
  • centralized management and differentiation of access rights and security policies for all objects and services of the system;
  • automatic recording of information (logging) of actions of users of all levels of access in the system, as well as exclude the possibility of access to make changes at the level of the operating system and database;
  • secure networking
  • multi-protocol video broadcast;
  • image output to the servers of territorial departments;
  • the required archive depth is at least 30 calendar days;
  • open platform-independent API for integration with external systems;
  • the ability to use the Onvif, PSIA protocols;
  • the ability to support MJPEG, MPEG-4, MРEG-4 ASP, MхРEG, H.264 and Н.265 codecs;
  • possibility of HTTPS-connection with IP-cameras;
  • the ability to set the maximum bandwidth at which records can be received from a remote site for all devices loaded in parallel.
  • the ability to view and control video cameras from the DP / MIA online.