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WiFi Full HD Forklift Camera



With development of modern material handling industry, forklift camera system has become a high-efficient tool for forklift operators, providing improved sharp-eyed visual perception when maneuvering and storing loads.


With tough on-vehicle tests finished, VUEWO released his patented digital wireless forklift camera, it is part of VUEWO wireless forklift camera system, in which include 2.4G wireless full HD vehicle monitor VW-VM-711 and specialized UPS battery pack VW-U3. VW-802 wireless forklift camera belongs to VUEWO wireless camera family, which is a kind of CE&UKCA certified products.


This model of 1080P wireless forklift camera has enhanced transmission signal and stable transmission distance up to 200 meters (barrier free). 50°viewing angle can increase the visibility range in bright and low-lumen situation, solving blind spot problems to rise up the operation efficiency and avoid accidents.