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Hunter Series 4G HD Body Worn Camera



  1. Strong Ambarella H22 chipset, which stands for stability and cost-efficiency.
  2. Supports 1440P HD video recording and 3200M pixels picture capturing.
  3. AES256 data encryption, H.265 video compression saves recording volume more efficiently.
  4. 4G full Netcom supports global frequency brands local.
  5. Built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, supports 802.11 b/g/n.
  6. Professional platform management software.
  7. Supports One-Key SOS emergency call.
  8. Blue-Red alarm LED design.

Model: VW-BC1

Product Description


  1. Spring-loaded contact connector for connecting to the terminal for charging, archiving, and data storage, of the cradle type, as an interface connection:
  • for simultaneous charging of the battery and copying data to the information storage server;
  1. No more than three control buttons:
  • Power on/off button;
  • Record on/off button;
  • Photo capture (photo mode) button;
  1. Audible indicator of the start of the recording mode;
  2. Light indicator of the recording mode;
  3. Light and voice indicator of device power on/off;
  4. Voice comments for device power on/off, start/stop of video recording, photo capture/screenshot creation, low battery, start/end of battery charging, and connection to the terminal;
  5. Internal non-volatile memory (NVM) installed inside the casing, providing protection against unauthorized access, with a capacity of at least 64 GB (expandable up to 256 GB);
  6. Function to turn the infrared range illumination on/off;
  7. Light and voice indicator for battery depletion warnings, spoken in Kazakh or Russian;
  8. Attachment mechanism ensuring secure fixation on various types of uniform clothing;
  9. Casing made of impact-resistant materials;
  10. Individual product serial number applied in a way that prevents removal or obscuring;
  11. Tamper sensor – an intelligent detector that detects attempts to cover the lens with a hand, clothing items, or when placed in a clothing pocket while the device is turned on for a specified time (1 ~ 30 seconds).